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How to Submit My Website Changes to the CaseFox Development Team

CaseFox web development experts are available to make changes to your website. This is part of your website's monthly service and maintenance fee.

You can contact us for all kinds of changes. It can be as small as updating your contact details or as complex as creating new website landing pages.

To reach us for website content changes, we have provided 3 different ways
Chat with us
Call us

Make sure you have all the details about the changes that are required from your end. If you have to update assets like content, contact details, addresses, or images share them with us at the time of discussion. You can expect to hear from us within 24 hours.

Guidelines For Changes:

In order to get your changes done by the CaseFox web development team you have to follow certain guidelines:

Mention all your changes or as many as possible during the call or over the email request.
If you require text changes, make sure to share your new content in a Word or Google document, and make sure to give us copy and paste rights (editor rights). Simply provide us with the changes and the section that needs to be changed so it is easier for us to update.
Share the URL of the page so it is easier for us to update changes. Please ensure that you are providing us with complete details of changes that are required from your side. The communication should be clear from both ends. Also, make sure that you add the exact place where you want the changes to be applicable.
If you want to change the content of the website, make sure you are providing all the necessary information regarding that. This will help us make changes as soon as possible. Incomplete information can lead to misunderstanding or it might delay our ability to update changes.
If you need to create a landing page for the practice area, provide us with all the necessary information. This includes the content of the page. Images or any other additional information.
Note: We don’t write content for your landing pages and practice areas for additional pages. Our content writing and photo purchasing services end after we submit your initial website build.
If you have plans to work with a third-party marketing or SEO company, make sure you are informing us about that. Also, contact us regarding the editing permission for your website. We would like to mention that we can’t give full administrative access to the site. But we can provide them with editor access when requested.
If any third-party agency wants to work with us directly to update the changes or website, they need to send us the email and keep you and our mutual contact in the email communication.
For social media integration on the website, share the correct URL of your social media account (accounts).
In case you want to update reviews and testimonials, make sure you are sharing them in the same format that already exists on your website.
For updating the videos on your website, provide us with the URL video to embed. Make sure your link is not broken and correct. YouTube is the best and the easiest way to upload videos to your website.

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Feel free to reach out to our team at for any further inquiries.

As your website is built on our exclusive platform, certain elements may not be customizable. If you encounter such limitations, we're more than willing to explore alternative solutions with you.

Updated on: 14/11/2023

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