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How to combine multiple invoices from a single client?

You can combine multiple invoices of the same client.

After generating invoices for different cases/matters (or projects) of a client (either one by one manually or using the One-Click Bulk Invoice Generation feature),

Visit the "Clients" tab and select a desired client on the left side panel.

Then on the right side, click on the "Invoices" tab.

If there are two or more invoices in the invoice list, select the desired invoices you want to combine

A button captioned as "Combine Selected Invoices" will appear. Clicking on the button will cause a pop-up to appear. In the pop-up, select desired (or all) invoices to be combined.

This process will create a PDF document that will include all selected invoices under a common header and grand total at the last page. PDF will also include bookmarks for easy browsing.

Updated on: 15/11/2023

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