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How to upload and use a document template for a case?

Login CaseFox -> Dashboard -> Cases -> Document Assembly -> Upload document

Login to CaseFox.
Go to the dashboard, to the left corner you will find the sidebar.
Click on cases from the sidebar.
Once you have opened the "cases" tab, go to the subsection document assembly.
Towards the top right you will find a section to drop or upload your files.
Upload all your document templates.
Below it you can also see the list of all the document templates attached to a case.

For additional steps on how to use document template please refer:

Please click on the Document Assembly tab for a case or matter.  On the screen,  there are elements to create tags and their values for the selected case.   

Please enter Tag Name and Value. For example: DOB and 02/15/1980. If a template document includes a tag {DOB}, when a document link below is clicked, the system will replace {DOB} by 02/15/1980 and the finished document will be downloaded. Please use the tag {Date} in the template for printing the current date. The ags {clientfname},  {clientlname},  {clientcompany},  {clientaddr1},  {clientaddr2},  {clientcity},  {clientstate},  {clientzip},  {casename},  {casereference},  {courtcasenumber} are automatically replaced from the client/case information.

Please create a word document, format it the way it should print. Use tags in the document at appropriate places and upload it using the file upload button on the screen. Upon successful upload, the document link will be displayed. Please click on the link to download the final document.   Multiple templates may be uploaded.

Tags may also be entered under the Other Info tab by adding Field/Value pairs.  

The benefit of using custom fields for storing tags is that Field Group may be created and quickly added to many cases.

Updated on: 17/08/2023

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